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“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”—But It Takes Men to Build a Man

July 10, 2017

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As men, we’re not all that comfortable with an article that begins like this. Whether we swagger through life just in our heads or occasionally with our whole-body attitudes, there is a sincere crisis going on within our society.

Fatherlessness. Maybe you had that. I did as well.

When I, the last of my parent’s children, was a lad of 8, my brother, 16 years older than me, was killed in a private airplane crash. He was the pilot. My father was along for the ride. So was a doctor from our town in Oregon, who was also killed. Our family got ripped apart.

My Dad lived. Kind of. He was seriously crippled for the rest of his days. At that young age, a lot of life was up to me to figure out.

Oh, I majored on being a “good boy,” so that the anger...

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